MessagesTo Our Beloved Parents & Students

Director's Message

MUKUNDAPURAM PUBLIC SCHOOL is an offering by a team of professionals passionately dedicated to the purpose of education. The team has undertaken this project with a sense of deep commitment and desire to make a difference to the children of this beautiful district. The approach is underlined by several insights gathered while working in MPS as well as in various other educational institutions, corporate world and having seen other schools in India and abroad. Two of these insights are worth mentioning:

Education is the process of creating the next generation, of wonderful human beings full of compassion and the zeal to achieve in a spirit of team work. For this, the child needs to develop a robust value system.

Every child is unique. Our task is to provide the right environment and opportunity to every child so that he and she develops the inclination and ability to inquire, challenge and learn.

Our invitation to the parents of Thrissur is to join hands with Mukundapuram Public School in creating a New World of opportunities for the citizens of tomorrow and provide them with new learning opportunities at MPS and at home.

Dr. Shaji Mathew

Principal's Message

Education should be able to draw out the best from a person’s body, mind and spirit.

We at Mukundapuram Public School prepare our students to learn beyond their text books and assist them to evolve into optimistic, independent, compassionate lifelong learners who can rise to challenges ahead to become global citizens. We have a caring atmosphere where tradition, culture and modern educational values are respected and encouraged to coexist. We are shifting towards a more personalized approach to learning.

P.Premalatha Nair

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