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14 November 2017


The students of MPS were seen bubbling with life and energy as they assembled at school to celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November, 2017. The special feature of the day was the assembly which was conducted by the teachers. The teachers sang a mellifluous prayer song followed by the school prayer. There was a host of other performances ranging from songs and dances to recitations of motivational poems and mono-acts which thoroughly entertained the children. There was a smile on every face as they bustled with excitement in their colourful attires. The Director, Dr. Shaji Mathew and the Principal, Mrs. Premlatha Nair encouraged the children with their messages on the theme “With love from teachers to students” The children were also reminded of the legendary freedom fighter Jawaharlal Nehru, popularly known as “Chacha” on whose birthday, the day is celebrated. At the end of the cultural programme, the students were divided into three groups and they participated in a variety of competitions especially arranged for them such as passing the parcel, greenpeas picking, straw decoration, boat race, balloon bursting and musical chairs. After this the children assembled in their respective classrooms and were greeted by their class teachers. The children were given gifts and chocolates. They were delighted to see their classrooms and soft boards beautifully decorated by their teachers. There were mini-cultural programmes in the classrooms as well. The best part of the day was the adventure film “The Life of Pi” which was shown to the children. The prize winners were awarded after the lunch break and the day ended on a blissful note.

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