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Our Facilities

Our Faculty

A highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers strives to maintain the highest traditions of excellence. In-service training programmes and workshops held on campus keep them abreast with the latest trends in curriculum and methodology. They are encouraged to use their discretion to create an atmosphere best suited to their subject and the task at hand.

Art & Mucis Classes

An appreciation for art and music has increasingly been seen as a vital input to build an intellectually sound, creative and emotionally mature human being. Children from the age of 5 are exposed to music and art to sensitize these faculties and enable them to develop a taste for arts and aesthetics. Training by professionals help naturally talented children excel.

Science Lab

Over the years, the school has established a sound reputation as a provider of quality education. It prepares students according to standards prevailing in most countries, including India. The school offers large, well-equipped and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology complete with equipment and models required to conduct experiments. Each lab is roomy and well-ventilated and can accommodate 40 students at a time. Students conduct experiments under the strict supervision of teachers to learn the practical aspects of science. They are motivated to develop scientific inference in them. Our teachers always expose students to various scientific phenomena in order that they understand their practical value in real life situations.

School Mess

The school offers a highly hygienic and impeccable environment to the students where they are offered a sumptuous meal everyday prepared with immense love and care by professionals. The vegetables used are garden picked from our own gardens and thus are completely pure and free of fertilizers. A balanced diet is planned in order to enhance physical and mental growth. Meals are served in the dining hall which can accommodate 300 students under the supervision of teachers and kitchen staff. Students are also trained to observe table manners and etiquette. The kitchen is modern and care is taken to ensure clean handling of the food at all stages of preparation and distribution. The cooking is taken care of by an experienced catering staff in a state-of-the-art kitchen.